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Weekly Spelling lessons - Year 5

Week beginning 18 May 2020


This week is a chance to review your knowledge of words with ie/ei spellings.  These are tricky word spellings and need a lot of practice, so keep at it!


Here's a word search and a maze to remind you of some of the words you've learned so far.     And then a word sorting activity to help you recall some of the rules for spelling these difficult words.  


Ask an adult at the end of the week to test you on some of the words.  Keep practising the ones you struggle with.  Best of luck!


Weeks beginning 4 May/11 May


This week (and next week) we are looking at words that are spelt with an ei or ie somewhere in the word.  The words we are looking now are words where the ei/ie makes an [ee] sound. 


  • Watch this new powerpoint at least twice, and take notes, so you understand what the rule is (if a rule exists!).  What is the difference between this week's set of words and last week's set?  


  • Practise the spellings of the the words, using a Look Say Cover Write Check approach.  Keep practising the words, and put them into sentences to show that you understand their meanings and can use them correctly in your own writing.