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The Three Hat Challenge

Waller Maths Challenge (introduced in Zoom meeting)


Listen to the first few pages of 'The Three Hat Day'.  A bell indicates when you should change the photo in front of you ( = turning a page!).  

Stop the story at around the 2 minute mark, just as RR puts on three hats.  

The Three Hat Day

By Laura Geringer
Illustrated by Arnold Lobel
Read by Mrs Greyson

Waller Maths Challenge 


A.   How many different combinations of hats could RR wear, if he has 3 different hats?  The rule here is:  each hat must be different.  Choose 3 very different hats (by colour/shape/type, to illustrate your working out.  Use concrete items to represent hats (maybe even real hats!).  Draw pictures, or take photos.  Or think of some symbols to help you show your working out.


B.  Now expand your investigation:  Using the same 3 different hats, think of all the different combinations of hats he could wear, if I allowed you to have some/all the hats the same (for example, red/red/green, red/red/red, red/green/blue).  


C.   Now challenge your mathematical problem solving skills by repeating A,  with 4 different hats, then moving on to B, with 4 different hats, some hats repeated.  


Finish the story (above), to find out what RR does after his walk.