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Additional resources for all classes

Mindfulness and well-being


  • Relax Kids Stay Calm booklet  useful and timely support to calm children (and adults)
  • Mindful Schools   Fun and interactive mindfulness activities for primary-aged children (and their parents).  Includes recent videos, approximately 25-30 minutes long.  New videos being added regularly.
  • Thrive  Facebook page that devotes itself to nurturing and well-being.  Contains activities, ideas, events.   Connect with other like-minded people around the world.
  • A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!  Interactive adventures that incorporate stories, yoga and fun! These yoga, mindfulness and relaxation sessions help to build strength, balance and confidence!  
  • Red Cross have produced a Kindness Calendar (see below) for children to record and reflect on their acts of kindness this holiday and beyond.







  • 30 Days Wild  Daily activities to discover and enjoy the natural world around you.  Start with a minibeast spotter or some nature poetry.  
  • STEM Home Learning activities.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities, for all ages!!!  Super website resources!!
  • NASA Youtube website, full of videos and information on NASA's latest activities
  • Ranger Rick   (National Wildlife Federation (USA)): wildlife information, games, quizzes,....  (3 months' free - ask an adult before signing up)
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium  Live webcams of sea otters, sharks and jellyfish (among others) from this aquarium in California
  • San Diego Zoo  Live webcams of a wide range of animals from the San Diego Zoo
  • Curiosity Rover Mars mission  Animations and images from Mars from the Curiosity Rover mission



  • May 18 was International Museum Day.  Wander through a museum each day on these virtual tours (click here)  and begin to plan for a real visit some day soon.   
  • Free art workshops given by Helen Elliott, accessed through her GWYC (Give What You Can) website.  Also a hub for art tutorial videos, live demos, worksheets downloads, & art resources for children and adults (comes highly recommended by a parent in our Federation)
  • Dancing to art  A wonderful video of 4 dancers responding to works of Art in Tate Britain.  You might want to try something similar at home.
  • How to draw a winding road An easy to follow demonstration of how to draw a winding road using the rules of perspective. Have a go!           
  • Origami Fun  Plenty of origami shapes to make, with instructions
  • Easy Origami Fish   Youtube plus links to many other origami websites and videos
  •           Keep folding!!!    Remember:  each origami shape begins with a square

DT - Creation Station


  • Build your own bug house  A simple video on how to create your very own bug house using recycled items. You could take the idea in this video and adapt it to make it your very own design!   (Stay safe: adult supervision required)
  • Make your own bird kite  A simple tutorial on how to make a charming bird kite at home using just a household few items.   (Stay safe: adult supervision required)
  • Craft your very own dragon blower toy  Another easy to follow tutorial on how to make a creative Dragon Blower Toy using recycled household items. You could even adapt this idea and create your very own mythical creature - perhaps they could breath ice or water instead?   (Stay safe: adult supervision required)




  • Sing Up  Resources to keep you singing!
  • Out of the Ark  Even more singing resources, plus arts and crafts activities



  • Jewish Museum  A fantastic online resource (and a great museum!) with weekly focus for each Key Stage, photos and videos, and suggested related activities.  
  • All Saints' is an ICON School, part of the International Cross of Nails network of schools, here in the UK and across the world.  Below are a few resources sent by the ICONS office at Coventry Cathedral to support our continued work of Peace and Reconciliation in our school and community:

Topic (History and Geography)


  • Warwickshire Heritage  Information and craft ideas for home learning from our local museums
  • Visit England 50+ things to explore (museums, galleries, zoos, theatre, music .... ) in England



  • BBC Bitesize  Videos and games for French learning
  • BBC Teach More videos for KS2 French learning
  • France Today  Interactive map of France, linked to beautiful photos and articles about France.  


Other Home Learning resources (across the curriculum)


Premier League Primary Stars  A range of challenges and fun activities across the curriculum

Home Learning Activity packs  Three separate packs:  Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Easy to use activities and challenges, to revise and embed curriculum learning at home