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Wise Class (Year 6)


Happy Friday, Wise Class!  


Here's another joke to start the day:

Friday:  Knock, knock

Who's there?


I8D who?

I8D whole cake!

Thursday:  What did the bread say to the knife?

Wednesday:  Why did the tomato blush?

Tuesday:  What did the snowman order at the fast food restaurant?

Monday:  How did the burger king propose to his girlfriend?


Note added 6 July 2020: 


There are new weekly video challenges for Maths for each Year Group.  We encourage you to send in photos of your work (use links on front page).


Remember to take a look at the newest Topic Plan (see below) on the theme of Pirates!! 

Have fun, me hearties!

In addition, there is a new video challenge to keep you on your toes for Topic.  




Monday 1 June 2020 :

Mr Watson greets you all and hopes you and your families are all well.  

Please look on the Purple Mash site and Mathletics sites - Mr Watson will place another week's work for you there to complete. 

Mr Watson  thanks you for what you have sent so far and wishes you all the best!

Zoom meetings information


Story readings take place twice a week. 

From next week they will occur at

  • 3:00 on Tuesday
  • 4:00 on Thursday

Please note the change of time on Thursday.  The meeting ID and the password remain the same.  

What we are learning in school this week

We will be welcoming some year 6 children back to school on Friday. If your child is not attending, you may want to do the same work at home. We will post the lesson materials and share some of the children's work here.


In Maths today we will be doing -

Oak Academy Yr 6 Week 11 - Thursday Lesson 3 'Unequal sharing'


In English today we will be doing -

Oak Academy Year 6 Week 11 - Thursday lesson 1 -'Writing focus: Cohesive devices'


Over the next two weeks we are going to singing and sewing in the afternoon. 


In music we are going to be singing the songs for the performance. You should have had an email from Mr Morris with all you need to learn the songs and practise them ready for the assembly on September 1st. 


For science this week we will be looking at -

the presentation we created about Charles Darwin. If you have created one we would love to see it ,please load it onto the computer .

Then we are going to be singing and sewing for the rest of the afternoon.


This week we are starting or continuing with our cross stitch of the school building.

Daily learning tasks for English and Mathematics

Oak National Academy

Year 6 Class work Suggested work to be completed for Year 6 children from the Oak National Academy

Additional Structured Lessons

White Rose   Further maths activities and problem solving challenges.  Choose your year-group from the drop-down boxes (powerpoint only).    


BBC Bitesize    New online learning materials for each day in all subjects, with videos, activities and puzzles.  Click on your year-group from the selection, then choose the desired subject area.  


Reading and Comprehension Exercises

Reading Inference and Writing

Look carefully at this picture and read the brief description.

What does it make you feel?  What do you notice in the picture?


Create a story, using the image and text to inspire you.  

Grammar and Punctuation Assessments

Handwriting Practice

Additional English resources







Remember to practise your times-tables every day, a little bit at a time, in this order:


2x,  5x,  10x,  11x,  3x,  4x,  6x,  8x,  12x,  9x,  7x


Use these weblinks to help you learn your times-tables by heart to 12 x 12.


  • Mathletics Keep visiting!
  • ttrockstars Times-table practice at your fingertips
  • Mathsframe Multiplication Tables Check (change times tables and time), plus other games and activities
  •  Multiplication Tables Check, 
  • urbrainy Multiplication Tables Check (gives average times for answers and accuracy measure).  Some other parts of the website you have to pay for, but this part is free.
  • hitthebutton  Topmarks maths website, with plenty of times-tables games to do

Additional Maths Resources

Key Stage 2 Topic

Answers to riddles and jokes:


Friday:  (Answer tomorrow!)

Thursday:  Don't try to butter me up!

Wednesday:  Because it saw the salad dressing!

Tuesday:  An ice burger with chili sauce!

Monday:  With an onion ring!


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