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Wise Class (Year 6)

Happy Monday, Wise Class!  




Here's a riddle to start the day (Answers at the end of this page): 


Monday:  Two silk worms had a race. How did it end?

Friday:  How to bears keep cool?:  

Thursday: What gives you the power to walk through a wall?

Wednesday:  If a butcher wears a size XL shirt and a size 13 shoe, what does he weigh?Tuesday:   How do you make gold soup?

Monday:  What did the llama say when he got kicked out of the zoo?


Spellings for the next few weeks

Wise Home learning


Hello Wise class,

We have found out lots of information about the Maya since Christmas but the question I have for you to consider is:

'How do we know about the Maya?'

Use the websites below to help you answer this question.  You can respond by creating a poster, a PowerPoint, information leaflet or any other way that you like. Have fun!


24th March

I just wondered how you were getting on with your research. 

If you are having trouble getting started looking up two gentlemen called Catherwood and Stephens might help.

Mrs R.

Links to information about the Maya


  • National Geographic Kids  quick introduction to archaeology and Maya investigations
  • BrainPOPUK  Animated introduction to Maya history and culture 
  • Freeschool Exploring Maya civilisation for kids  A documentary (15 min) for children introducing Maya civilisation and history 
  • National Geographic 101 Short video (4 min) introduction to Ancient Maya civilisation
  • School Run  Extensive website containing facts, timeline, photos, video, activities and links to further websites about Maya civilisation and history (14 day free trial before subscription required)
  • Maya archaeologist  Diane Davies, Maya archaeologist, life as an archaeologist, activities and information about Maya culture and history, plus links to other relevant websites 
  • Mexicolore  website contains a range of links to other informative websites on Maya culture and history
  • Quest for the Lost City  A full-length documentary (48 min) about an expedition to Guatamala to locate and investigate further a lost Maya city
  • National Geographic Balamku  (Cave of the Jaguar God) article about recent discoveries of important Maya artifacts



Science Topic

How are you getting on with finding your pulse?

Can you get it first time every time? Yes - well done. No - never mind keep practising and ask an adult to help. 


Now that you can find you pulse it's time to use it for an investigation.


We record a heart rate in beats per minute. To this you can either count the beats ( using your pulse) for 1 minute or count the beats for 30 secs and double the number.


Record your heart rate before you do your Joe Wicks workout and then straight after you finish.

Wait 5 mins and then record it again. 

Do this for the week. 


What do you notice about your heart rate?

What does that mean?

Does that relate to your fitness level? 



Other websites for you to visit regularly!



Other important and interesting documents - what children are expected to know and be able to do by the end of the year

In Wise Class this term we are looking at the ancient civilisation of the Maya and learning all about their culture and where they lived. We will be performing a Mayan Myth on World Book day , where we will create a puppet theatre and write our own scripts.

In science this term we are studying the Body and the effects of exercise on the heart and lungs - so we'll need some good weather to enable us to get active outside.

Literacy and Numeracy continue with us writing persuasive letters about our own graffiti tags and writing a flashback narrative which includes a memory of an adult from home.


We have the excitement of working with Bike Right this term and each child will spend 2 days learning how to ride safely on their bikes while on the roads. It is a really valuable skill and we are really lucky to have this experience in school.

Home-learning this term turns it's focus onto remembering and revising all we need to know for our SATS in May with punctuation, grammar and maths skills heavy on our agenda.


It's a busy term with  the weather hopefully turning warmer and signs of Spring appearing everywhere!


In topic for this term we have been looking at World War two and learning about the effects of the war on the people at home. One topic we focussed on was rationing and we did some cooking using war time recipes.

In science we have look at classification, which included sorting ourselves in to different groups and we learned about some of the kingdoms in Linneaus’ classification system. In our electricity topic we have investigated what happens to different components in a circuit when we made changes to that circuit. We are currently working on protypes for our Christmas light decorations that we have designed.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Answers to riddles and jokes:


  • Monday:  (Answer tomorrow!)
  • Friday:  Bear-conditioning!
  • Thursday:  A door!
  • Wednesday:  Meat!
  • Tuesday:  Put in 14 carrots!
  • Monday: Alpaca my bags!