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Welcome to All Saints'!  


Check this page and your class web page every day. 

We are adding new things all the time. Watch this space!


A little greeting from the staff at All Saints'

In case of emergencies, please contact Mr Morris on 

07562 911390 (work mobile).



Remember to join Jim for his weekly Zoom assemblies on

Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30am.


Monday 6 July 2020


  • New video challenges have been set for each year group in Mathematics and Topic.  You can submit your responses via email or the shared link (see below).  We look forward to seeing your work!


  • There is a new Topic Plan on the subject of Pirates (Oooo - arrrrrr, me hearties!!).  Have fun exploring the world of pirates through the curriculum over the next two weeks.


  • We continue our Class Zoom meetings and Key Stage story-reading sessions.  All details of these meetings (dates, times, Zoom codes) have been sent to your families by email.  We look forward to seeing you 'face-to-face, so to speak, and look forward to a time when we can greet you finally for real 'face-to-face' meetings at school. 
  • (Please note:  Mrs Kingston's Thursday Story reading session has moved to 4:00 for the remaining 3 weeks.  This allows the Year 6s to join in after they return home from school.)     


Tuesday 23 June 2020

  • Our Virtual Sports Day challenge is now active! Check out the link below for our first submissions!

Where to find your learning materials


  • Learning materials can be found within each class page - see below.


  • English and Mathematics activity packs are near the top of each Class page.  Choose between Hamilton Trust resources (powerpoints with voice-overs, guided activities), and Oak National Academy lessons (videos, guided activities), or a combination of both!  Please extend your mathematical challenges to the White Rose materials and enlarge your learning with some BBC Bitesize activities.   If you are using White Rose materials, and would like the worksheets to accompany the Powerpoints, please contact the office and we can provide them for you.


  • Age appropriate Reading comprehension, spelling, phonics and times-table links are within class pages.


  • This is Week 13 in your learning journey at home (Week 11 if you are following Oak academy resources).  Progress at your own rate - do not feel constrained by the suggested days/weeks, just keep going and stay focused, persevering when things get difficult. But most of all, enjoy your learning.

Do you have any questions about your learning?

Parents and children can contact:

Mrs Greyson, 9:00 - 3:00, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Mrs Scimeca (9:00 - 3:00, Tuesday, Thursday)

We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, but please be patient. 

Class Pages

Reading Corner

Reading is a great escape and a way to access a wonderful source of information, ideas and vocabulary. One thing we would really like to encourage while you are away from school, or even if you're attending school at the moment, is to keep reading every day. You may have read all your school books but there are plenty of resources online to keep you reading. Enjoy sharing stories together, discover new authors, revisit books you've read before, relax and listen to stories online and most of all - enjoy reading! We'd love to read your book reviews so please do share them. You might just inspire someone to start reading your favourite book!


Enjoy your reading adventures! From Mrs Rose

On display!

Please submit your artwork, topic work, writing or photos to the  shared one-drive folder. You will need this link information:

                 Email address (not case sensitive):                                        Password:                                                   GreenLeek1

If you have any problems with this, you can email your work directly to Mrs Greyson or Mrs Scimeca (see links above).

See All Saints' Bake Off worthy creations

The Oak National Academy 



  • Reception class work Suggested work to be completed for Reception class from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 1 Class work Suggested work to be completed for Year 1 children from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 2 Class Work Suggested work to be completed for Year 2 children from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 3 Class Work Suggested work to be completed for Year 3 children from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 4 Class Work Suggested work to be completed for Year 4 children from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 5 Class Work Suggested work to be completed for Year 5 children from the Oak National Academy
  • Year 6 Class work Suggested work to be completed for Year 6 children from the Oak National Academy

Sports news and links

Mrs Reddish has been busy adding photographs onto our 'sports and clubs' page in the 'school life' section of the inter-house and inter-school matches.

Virtual Competition - Olympic-mix (week beginning 29th June and 6th July)

Just a reminder the Virtual competition is still the Olympic Mix. You have till Friday to submit your totals!


For all you artists out there there is also a challenge to design a flag - Check it out!


This is the last CWSSP virtual competition for this year. It is running over 2 weeks, so you will have lots of time to improve your scores.

There are 4 challenges to do, so have a go. The details are in the PE section.


Virtual Sports Day (22nd to 26th June)


It is National School Sports week and we have decided to hold our first  (and hopefully only) virtual sports day.


As normal it is an inter - house competition and you can earn points or your house by completing different challenges and uploading photos or videos of you doing them to the website. You can do the challenges all on one day or spread them out over the week. You have until 3.15pm on Friday 26th June to send your photos or videos.

Full details and challenges are in the PE section.

Have fun!

Virtual Sports Day Results



(number of



(number of



(number of



(number of


Challenge 1 4 4 6 5
Challenge 2 5 5 6 9
Challenge 3 5 5 8 9
Challenge 4 8 5 6 7
Challenge 5 4 2 4 4
Challenge 6 7 6 6 9
Total 165 135 180 215


Competition Results

In the Basketball competition we had 13 entries ( all were yr 6 children in school) we came :-

6th in Central Warwickshire  

43rd in the county.

Well done to the yr 6 children in school who participated! There were a lot of smiles as we were taking part!


Participation Results 

Here is a table that shows the participation of primary schools in Central Warwickshire for the first four weeks.

Well done to everyone that has entered any of the virtual competitions!

We are THIRD in Central Warks.

See the results from all the virtual competitions in the PE section.


Mrs Scimeca’s Fact of the Day

Did you know?


Violin bows are commonly made from horse hair!