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Sports & Clubs

At All Saints' CofE Academy we offer a variety of clubs that suit the interests of most child.  We have everything ranging from cooking to coding, art club to football and rugby.


All of our clubs are organised through Mrs Kettle at All Saints' Extra.

Football and Netball Club



At All Saints' sport is very important to us. 


We give the children the opportunity to compete in different sports at various levels through out the school year.



Inter-house competitions


These are competitions run in school where the children compete for their houses. 

Through out the school year there are lots of competitions for KS2 children to take part in. We have an Inter-House crew (at the moment this is made up of four children from Waller class, who had to apply for the role by writing a letter explaining why they would be a good addition to the crew ) to help to organise and run these competitions.


Inter school competitions.


We have many different competitions with other schools through out the school year.


We are part of a local cluster of schools who organise many of the competitions, which include football and netball tournaments in the winter term, a swimming gala, a cross country race and a tag rugby tournament in the spring term and a rounders tournament and athletics meeting in the summer term.


As well as events from the cluster, this year we have taken part in the Central Warwickshire Primary Schools' FA league and the Primary Schools' Football league @ Racing Club Warwick and the Mid Warwickshire Cross Country league. We have also competed in events organised by the Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership.



Inter-House Competition

We have managed to play some inter-house football matches.

Here are some photos of the games being played.

Extract from school newsletter 26/9/19

Unfortunately, the weather scuppered our attempt to start the interhouse football competition this week, so Earth and Saturn will have to wait until the end of the competition to face each other. The match on Tuesday will, weather permitting, be between Jupiter and Neptune.


Extract from school newsletter 3/10/19

Once again our efforts to start the interhouse football competition were thwarted by the weather. There will be no game on Tuesday as Wise class have a topic day.


Extract from school newsletter 21/11/19

The weather has once again prevented the scheduled inter house football match from taking place. - no rain this time but a very soggy pitch! 


Extract from school newsletter 5/3/20

We managed to play an interhouse football match this Tuesday. Earth played Jupiter and both teams showed good spirit. The final score was 3-2 to Jupiter.

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is a new sport for this year's inter-house competition.

It is lead by staff from Premier Active. Here are some photos from the games that have been played. 

Inter School Competitions
Central Warwickshire Primary Schools’ FA League 

Match against Radford Semele

Extract from school newsletter 3/10/19

......we did manage to play our first league match on Monday evening. It was an exciting match that was only slightly affected by the rain. The boys all played well and showed great determination throughout the game. Please read the match report written by the captain.


All Saints’ Match Report

On Tuesday we played Radford Semele at home in the pouring rain! The first half was challenging because the team who we played were really good. Straight after kick off they got the first goal but we didn’t let our heads drop. They got 2 more quick goals but then Bruno and Gio scored for us. At half time it was 5-2 to them but in the second half Bruno scored again. They scored again and then it stayed 6-3. It was a really tense game. It was very boggy and when it rained it got heavier and heavier. Everyone tried their best and we had a lot of shots on goal. Rob was player of the match. By Rob (Captain)

Match against Kingsway

Extract from school newsletter 17/10/19

Thursday 10th October 2019

All Saints’ Vs Kingsway

In the first half Ethan was in goal., Rob was in right back, I was left back, Oscar left wing, Dan was centre mid, Ilija was right wing and Oscar was upfront. We were given confidence by a brilliant goal from Oscar early on. By the end of the first half we were winning 9-0. All Saints; played really well and we did lots of passing and awesome tackling. We were very confident and determined to beat Kingsway. In the second half Liam was goal keeper, Freddie was right defence, Robert was left defence and I was centre mid. Gio was right mid, Oscar was left mid and Oscar H was striker. They scored a goal in the first half and then another one but we didn’t put our heads down. We won the game in the end 18-2 to us. I scored the last goal and we gave three big cheers to the opposition. I think we played brilliantly and we all put the most effort we’ve ever put in. Players were: Liam, Ethan, Robert, Bruno, Daniel, Freddie, Gio, Ilija, Oscar P and Oscar H. By Bruno.

Match against Budbrooke

Extract from school newsletter 13/2/20

Match report 

We won 3-1 against Budbrooke. We played amazingly and made some fantastic tackles. Oscar H scored an amazing header and he scored another by slotting it past the goalie on a 1 on 1 against him. Bruno also scored by hitting the ball really hard past the goalie. Ethan was really good in goal and saved a shot that was heading for the top corner. They scored a good goal by running through on goal. Ethan was so close to getting it but it was a great shot and a goal for Budbrooke. All together we played a cracking game and everyone played really well with Ilija named as man of the match because of his defending skills. By Austin (Captain)

Primary Schools' Football League @ Racing Club Warwick

Extract from school newsletter 13/11/19


Football Match report

On Thursday 7th November All Saints’ played a mini tournament to be carried on soon. We played 4 matches with 5 teams. We won 2 and lost 2. We played really well in each game and scored some great goals in all of the matches. Our defence was great because they always committed into a tackle. Even when we were losing we still gave it our all and kept our heads up. Our midfield did well to keep their stamina up to run back and forth to attack and defend. It was a great tournament for all of us including the goalie who made some great saves. We were all happy with the results. By Oscar H.


Extract from school newsletter 21/11/19

The football team is looking forward to their second set of matches at Racing Club Warwick tonight. We learned a lot from our matches two weeks ago and showed great teamwork and determination to adapt to the very different game on an artificial pitch. 


Extract from school newsletter 5/3/20

Football match at Racing Club Warwick football club. We played against 4 teams again. We won 1, lost 1, and drew 2. In the one we won, Oscar H scored 3 and Gio scored 2 and we won 5-0 We drew 2; In one draw, Bruno scored to make it 1-1 and in the other it was 1-1 again with Oscar H scoring in that one. We were very unlucky in the game we lost with an unfortunate free kick in the last minute to make it 2-1. Ethan did well in goal and Robert also went in goal and was very good. The mini matches were great and we can’t wait to go back there for our last chance to get some points. We also scored some really good goals which we were all proud of. The defence was very strong, only letting 4 goals in, so altogether we played really well.


New Football Kit

New Kit

Here is a picture of the team wearing their new kit for the first time.

The kit was bought by the PTFA, and we would like to say a big thank you them, to Mrs Howson, who organised the purchase and to Mr Howson, whose company sponsored the printing. 




Extract from school newsletter 12/3/20




Last Thursday we played Priorsfield and the score was 9-5 to them. The people playing were Alannah, Glenys, Jasmine, Emma C, Bella T, Bruno, Ilija and Daniel. We had loads of fun even though we lost and we hope to win the next game against them. Many All Saints’ members showed up to support us and we give our thanks to them. The game was intense and difficult but now we know what we have to work on and what we are up against for the upcoming tournaments

Cross Country League

Throughout the winter months our Year 6 compete in the Mid Warwickshire Cross Country league. In the season there are four races. 


After the league has finished there is a county race race where a MId Warwickshire team competes against the other Warwickshire areas. To compete in this race the Year 5 and 6 children take part in a qualifying race and the top twenty make up the Mid Warwickshire team.

This year the race was at Morton Morrell.


Girl's team Morton Morrell

Here is a photo of most of the girl's team waiting for the start of their race.


New running vests.

The girls are wearing our new running vests for the first time in the Morton Morrell race.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Premier Active who bought vests for the cross country  teams.

Extract from school newsletter 5/3/20

Cross Country

All Saints’ ran in the cross-country run on Saturday. Bruno, Ilija, Oscar P, Gio and Dan ran in the boy’s race and Maisie, Evie Sh, Bella T, Freya, Emma C, Emily W and Nadia ran in the girl’s race. It was at Morten Morrell and we all got very muddy! Bruno and Emma finished in the top 20 so they have qualified for the County race. Bruno came 5th and Emma came 9 th .


Competitors missing form the report

Rob, Evelyn, Maia, and Holly