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Oak Class (Reception and Year 1)

Welcome to Oak Class!

Our teacher is Miss Poulton. Mrs Garlick, Mrs Burrows and Mrs Booth are our teaching assistants.


Happy Monday, Oak Class!  



Here's a joke to start the day (Answers at the bottom of this page!): 


Monday:  What do kittens like to eat?

Friday:  What did one eye say to the other eye?

Thursday: What goes "Ha ha ha.....THUD!"? 

Wednesday:  What do you call a boy lying on your doorstep?

Tuesday: What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Monday:  What do you call a gorilla with bananas in its ears?



Please see below a list of resources that can be used at home to support learning. 

Weekly maths problems for year 1

This week's spellings for year 1

Maths Resources


  • Numberblocks We use Numberblocks to help your child's number recognition and early mathematical skills
  • Blast-Off Listen to the number being said, find the matching rocket and watch it blast off
  • Toy Shop Buy some toys using a variety of coins
  • Teddy Numbers Feed the teddy the number of cakes shown on the screen
  • Shape Patterns Continue the repeating pattern on the train using 2D shapes


Year 1 


Maths games - Top Marks On this website you will find lots of different maths games. You choose a category and click onto the game you want. All games are free!

Maths games - ICT Games This website has a variety of maths games similar to Top Marks. Click maths and then all categories are one page, if you scroll down and click on the game you like.

Phonics Resources


Mr T's phonics! This link will take you to a youtube page. The man is called Mr T. He creates videos all around phonics sounds. If you or your child are unsure how to pronounce some of the sounds - Mr T's videos will help you clear that up! He also shows the different ways to pronounce sounds.


Phonics Play This website has different phonics games on to help with the pupils' reading. They are offering free access to all resources. Username: march20 Password: home 

There are games for the children but also information for the adults. The pupils in Reception are working on Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds. Year 1 pupils are working on Phase 5.


Phonics Bloom This website is full of interactive phonics games. Just click on the link and the phase you would like. Reception pupils are working on Phase 2 and Phase 3. The year 1 pupils are working within Phase 3 - 5.


ICT games This link is also within the English area. There are also phonics games on this website. Take a look!




Writing Resources


Small Town Superheroes game On this game you can practise your sentences, your full stops and capital letters and prefixes and suffixes


Full stops Game Practise using your full stops with this interactive game!


Capital letters game Help Zed the zebra put capital letters in the right place.


Look, cover, write Practise your tricky words.

Fun games to play


My Pet and Me A game where your child can look after a virtual pet

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures Go on an adventure with Andy and see what dinosaurs you can find!

Scary Spuds Create a silly potato face

Bee-Bots A virtual Bee-Bot game helping to develop positional language and early programming

Year Group Checklists - what children are expected to know and be able to do by the end of the year

Answers to riddles and jokes:


  • Monday:  (Answer tomorrow!)
  • Friday:  Between us, something smells!
  • Thursday:  A monster laughing his head off!
  • Wednesday:  Matt!
  • Tuesday: A fsh!
  • Monday:  Anything you like, he can't hear you!