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Waller Class (years 4 and 5)



Happy Monday!

We have plenty to keep you busy and learning over the next couple of weeks.  We will keep adding to this class webpage as the days go on, so keep coming back to see more ideas and activities. 


First, try the activities in the Home Learning booklets (see below).  Spread the activities out, don't do them all at once!


Visit some of the suggested websites below, not just to practise your times-tables or your spellings, but also to explore new ideas and try them out for yourself.


Here's today's riddle (Answers at the bottom of this page):


Monday:  A man was taken to hospital after eating daffodil bulbs. What have the doctors said?

Friday:  What’s the difference between a fish and piano?

Thursday:  How did the yeti feel when he had flu?

Wednesday:  What does the Queen do when she burps?

Tuesday:  What is it called when a cat wins a dog show?

Monday:  What do you call a man trapped in a paper bag?



More origami fun:

Here are some weblinks to more origami figures. 

Remember:  each origami shape begins with a square


  • Origami Fun  Plenty of origami shapes to make, with instructions
  • Easy Origami Fish   Youtube plus links to many other origami websites and videos

Keep folding!!!

Topic:  Europe


This term's topic on Europe continues.  We ask you to prepare some sort of report or table that summarises what you have found out about one (or more) European countries. 


Year 5:  Please choose from:   France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy or Norway

Year 4:  Please choose the United Kingdom


Look for the following pieces of information:

  • Population
  • Capital cities
  • Famous landmarks
  • Climate
  • Main industries
  • ............


You could focus on a single country, or compare and contrast two different countries. 

Here are some websites to begin your quest:



Kids World Travel Guide  

BBC Bitesize Focus on the Alps

CBBC Quiz Focus on European landmarks

Britannica Kids  Information, photos etc about Europe

Kidzworld  Monuments in Europe

Makemytrip  Famous European landmarks

EducationQuizzes  Short quiz about Europe to test your knowledge


United Kingdom

3DGeography  Worksheets and activities specific to UK geography

EducationQuizzes  Short quiz about the UK to test your knowledge

BBC Bitesize Focus on the Lake district

Links to other websites


  • Mathletics Keep visiting, I'll keep adding tasks to do!
  • Mathsframe Multiplication Tables Check (change times tables and time), plus other games and activities
  •  Multiplication Tables Check, 
  • urbrainy Multiplication Tables Check (gives average times for answers and accuracy measure).  Some other parts of the website you have to pay for, but this part is free.
  • urbrainy Home Study Packs  Free with registration
  • hitthebutton  Topmarks maths website, with plenty of maths games to do
  • ttrockstars Times-table practice at your fingertips
  • Math Playground  lots of fun games and activities to support your maths learning
  • Topmarks  For Spelling and Grammar exercises
  • Spelling Frame  for spelling games and activities
  • Premier League Primary Stars for a variety of activities across the curriculumMy 
  • My Activity Book Ages 7-11  Scroll down to find the booklet for Ages 7-11.  Lots of interesting things to do and learn while Home Learning.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

In Waller the children have been swimming this term and having lots of fun in their topic learning.  IN topic the children have been learning about the stone and iron age and have been making TV adverts talking about these time periods.


Music was fun and was extremely busy as we got ready for Christmas with our singing and productions and then worked on songs with the year 5 child in preparation for their trip to young voices 2020!


Answers to riddles and jokes:


  • Monday: (Answer tomorrow!)
  • Friday:  You can't tuna fish!
  • Thursday:  Abominable!
  • Wednesday:  She issues a royal pardon!
  • Tuesday: a cat-has-trophy!
  • Monday:  Russell!