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Ash Class (Years 1 and 2)

KS1 Topic Plans










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What we are learning in class this week

Year 1 (2nd and 3rd July)

If your year 1 child is not attending this week, you may want to do the same work at home. We will post the lesson materials and share some of the children's work here.


Maths - Oak National Academy: week 10, Thursday and Friday lessons (exploring arrays, halves and quarters) 

English - Oak National Academy: week 10, Thursday and Friday lessons (writing instructions).

Science - What's eaten the plants? looking for signs of garden wildlife and making pollen shapes from clay.

Art - Using drawings of natural forms (leaves, flowers) to make paper cut out shapes and collages

Daily learning tasks for English and Mathematics

Oak National Academy

Year 1 Class work Suggested work to be completed for Year 1 children from the Oak National Academy

Year 2 Class Work Suggested work to be completed for Year 2 children from the Oak National Academy

Additional structured lessons

White Rose Further maths activities and problem solving challenges.  Choose your year-group from the drop-down boxes (powerpoint only).  


BBC Bitesize New online learning materials for each day in all subjects, with videos, activities and puzzles.  Click on your year-group from the selection, then choose the desired subject area.  


Phonics and spelling


Daily online phonics lessons 


Click here for daily online phonics lessons for Year 1.


Other Phonics resources:


Phonics Play  Free subscription for families for a limited time. Year 1 Ash children are working on phase 5b but could also revise phase 3 and 5a. Year 2 children could revise phase 5 and use phase 6 spelling resources.

Spelling Play  Year 2 resource to learn and practise spelling rules from the year 2 curriculum. We are focusing on suffixes at the moment which you will find in the units of work.

Reading and Comprehension Exercises

Here are some activity sheets to do alongside your reading.  Keep enjoying your reading!

Reading Inference and Writing


Look carefully at these pictures and read the brief descriptions.

What does they make you feel?  What do you notice in the pictures?


Choose one picture and create a story, using the image and text to inspire you.  


Times-tables (Year 2)

Remember to practise your times-tables every day, a little bit at a time, in this order:


2x,  5x,  10x,  (11x,  3x,  4x) 


Use these weblinks to help you learn your times-tables by heart.


  • Mathletics Keep visiting!
  • Mathsframe Multiplication Tables Check (change times tables and time), plus other games and activities
  •  Multiplication Tables Check, 
  • urbrainy Multiplication Tables Check (gives average times for answers and accuracy measure).  Some other parts of the website you have to pay for, but this part is free.
  • hitthebutton  Topmarks maths website, with plenty of times-tables games to do
  • ttrockstars Times-table practice at your fingertips


Other maths-based websites 

  • numbots  Addition and subtraction activities and games. Log in as a school using our postcode CV357QR, then as a pupil using your TT Rockstars log in.

Additional Maths activities - Year 1


2D shape chick cutting skills wooksheets

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game

One More and One Less Maths Mastery Game


Additional Maths activities - Year 2


The Mystery at the Grand Portrait Gallery Maths Game

Snakes and Ladders with 2, 3 and 5 times tables board game


Spring Term 2020

This term we have been learning about what it’s like to live on an island in our ‘Island Home’ topic. We have read Mairi Hedderwick’s Katie Morag stories and explored the characters and settings, picking up clues about how people’s lives are different to our own. Using Google Earth, atlases and maps, we have been finding and naming the countries, capital cities and the seas surrounding the UK, as well as locating the island of Coll where the fictional island of Struay is based. We also learnt to use compass directions and directional language to read maps and plan journeys. In literacy, we have been planning and writing our own Katie Morag story and in science we have learnt all about different types of weather and made weather observations. 


In maths, we have been learning to tell the time and using different coins to but items from the 'Struay Post Office' in our role play area. We used coins and bar models to work out change from 20p.

Autumn Term 2019

In science, we have looked at things that we needed to survive when we were stranded on a desert island and the difference between adults and babies. To help us think about how we have changed since we were babies we had a very special visitor. The children really enjoying asking Mrs Scimeca about the things her baby son Enzo could do.  In our material topic we have looked at the properties of materials and why we use different ones for different things. We created our own magnetic games.