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Ash Class (Years 1 and 2)

This half term we’re learning about what it’s like to live on an island in our ‘Island Home’ topic. We’re reading Mairi Hedderwick’s Katie Morag stories and exploring the characters and settings, picking up clues about how people’s lives are different to our own. Using Google Earth, atlases and maps, we’re finding and naming the countries, capital cities and the seas surrounding the UK, as well as locating the island of Coll where the fictional island of Struay is based. We’re also learning to use compass directions and directional language to read maps and plan journeys. In literacy, we’re planning and writing our own Katie Morag story and in science we’re learning all about different types of weather and making weather observations. In maths we’re learning to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks to the nearest half hour (year 1s) and 15 minutes (year 2s). We’re also using our number bonds to 10 and 20, and switching numbers around in additions to make mental calculations easier.

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In Ash we have looked at things that we needed to survive when we were stranded on a desert island and the difference between adults and babies. To help us think about how we have changed since we were babies we had a very special visitor. The children really enjoying asking Mrs Scimeca about the things her baby son Enzo could do.  In our material topic we have looked at the properties of materials and why we use different ones for different things. We created our own magnetic games.