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Mr Morris - Head Teacher

Mr Morris is the Head of the Green Leek Federation and Head Teacher of All Saints’ Academy. He spends 50% of his time at All Saints’ school and works with the governing body and senior leadership team to determine the strategic direction of the school through the Learning Improvement Plan. Mr Morris is passionate about the special qualities of small schools and the values that underpin learning in our Church of England School. Mr Morris is the school’s designated person for child protection. Mr Morris is a member of the 'Calculations' curriculum domain.



Miss Poulton - Oak Class Teacher

Miss Abbie-Louise Poulton is the class teacher in Oak Class, our mixed Reception and Year 1 class. Miss Poulton is a member of the 'Creative' curriculum domain.


Mrs Scimeca - Ash Class Teacher

Mrs Emily Scimeca is the experienced class teacher in Ash Class, our mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class. She enjoys teaching all subjects within the curriculum but holds a particular passion for Physical Education. Mrs Scimeca enjoys finding new ways to deliver exciting and creative lessons to make the learning experience memorable. Mrs Scimeca is a member of the 'Creative' curriculum domain.


Miss Scarff - Dudley Class Teacher

Miss Sue Scarff is the experienced class teacher in Dudley Class, our Year 3 and Year 4 mixed age group class. She brings her experience of fashion into the classroom, supporting both Art and Design and Technology. Miss Scarff is a member of the 'Creative' curriculum domain.



Mrs Scullion - Waller Class Teacher

Mrs Courteney Scullion is the class teacher in Waller Class, our Year 4 and Year 5 mixed-age class, Tuesday - Friday, with Ms Mayhew taking the class on Mondays. Miss Burgess enjoys all areas of the curriculum but particularly enjoys Science and Maths, where learning can be furthered through practical investigations and problem-solving. Miss Burgess is part of the 'Calculations' curriculum domain..


Mrs Rose - Wise Class Teacher and Deputy Head

Mrs Helen Rose is the experienced job share class teacher in Wise Class, our  Year 6 class. Her particular strengths in art and design technology complement those of her job share partner to provide a rich range of learning opportunities for the children. Mrs Rose is a member of the 'Communication' curriculum domain.


Miss Mayhew-Wise Class Teacher

Miss Jenny Mayhew is the experienced job share class teacher in Wise Class, our Year 6 class. Miss Mayhew is a member of the 'Creative' curriculum domain.  


Mrs Perryman - Forest School Leader

Mrs Nicola Perryman is our trained Forest School Leader. Her passion for nature and being outdoors means that she is able to provide engaging and stimulating learning opportunities in an environment where children feel safe and feel able to take calculated risks. She works with all year groups over the academic year.


Mrs Greyson - KS2 Cover Teacher

Mrs Greyson is an experienced class teacher, having taught all primary year groups in her 22-year career (16 years here at All Saints’).  She has a particular enthusiasm for Science and Mathematics and now works as a cover teacher in Key Stage 2, teaching her other passions, French and Music. 



Teaching Assistants

All Saints’ employs a large number of well qualified and experienced Teaching Assistants (TA). Each class has a class based TA who works with all children in focused teaching groups in mathematics and literacy. Strengths of the school as a result of TA support include differentiated teaching of phonics, intervention groups to provide additional experiences to some pupils in reading, writing and mathematics, Year group Science and ICT, in groups of 20, in Key Stage 1.

Some Teaching Assistants are also employed on a 1-1 to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Burrows

Mrs Kettle

Mrs Stranks

Mrs Mclaughlin

Mrs Booth

Mrs Hayes

Mrs Leek


Our Administrative Team

Mrs Jane Bennett is our Operations Administrator in the school office.  She is available Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm to assist you in any enquiries or questions you may have.


Mrs Tracey Mafe is our Cluster Business Partner, responsible for implementing and maintaining the school operations and health and safety. 

Mid-day supervisory Assistants

The school employs a team of mid-day supervisory assistants who are responsible for the care and supervision of the children whilst in the dining hall and when playing outside, at lunchtimes.



Caretaking and Cleaning

The Caretaking and cleaning team comprises of Mr Andy Moseley our caretaker, and Mrs Sharon Moseley our cleaner.